Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Beatles Anthology, disc 4

Random thoughts and bits of commentary:

- I imagine that Joan Didion (among others) would agree with George's sober assessment of the late '60s Haight-Ashbury scene: "horrible, spotty drop-out kids on drugs."

- The coda to "Hello Goodbye" really elevates that song.

- It's quite a pleasure to hear some of the audio from the "White Album" sessions, which includes snippets of band interaction and song takes that differ considerably from their final versions.

- Another reason to appreciate the superlative individual that Sir George Martin seems to be: his casual and unaffected use of the phrase "the bee's knees."

- Ringo rocks that Raiders ball cap.

- Ranking The Beatles' wives by their level of hotness in the "Something" video (I realize how shallow and immature this is):

1) Patti
2) Linda
3) Maureen
4) Yoko

- Ringo's poignant summation of The Beatles: "...four guys who really loved each other. It was pretty sensational."

- Finally, it's interesting that John's murder never directly comes up. And even the indirect references are barely there.

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