Thursday, October 15, 2009

"My Friend, George Harrison"

Here is the last of PopMatters' Beatles tributes; the other ones I linked to and assessed over the past week or so. This time I'll abstain from highlighting any petty criticisms I may have and just excerpt some solid passages.

George had a broad impact on musical culture as well, perhaps more than any other Beatle. The Concert for Bangladesh was one of the first attempts (if not the first attempt) that used rock music in order to raise significant funds for charitable causes, decades in advance of “We Are the World,” Live Aid, and the institution known as Bono.

George’s using of the sitar as early as the Rubber Soul album and forging a lasting friendship with the great Ravi Shankar, undoubtedly helped raise awareness of World Music, and was one of the seminal events leading to the globalization of culture.


George Harrison believed in the right things: the simplicity and power of great music, flowers, human connection, charity toward others, love, and spiritual seeking. Not a bad combination.

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