Saturday, June 12, 2010

John > Paul? Paul > John? Paul=John?

Two articles (1 - "Go, John;" 2 - "Go, Paul") take up the endless and irresolvable debate in the context of Paul receiving the Gershwin Prize.

From NPR:

- I have to be blunt here and ask, Did Paul McCartney write anything after he split with his partner that holds even a dim candle to what they wrote together? I welcome your suggestions — but think really hard.

Maybe John Lennon remains a little too controversial. His remark, discussing Christianity in a London newspaper, "We're (The Beatles) more popular than Jesus now," still gets quoted. Lennon was direct — maybe too in-your-face for his time. McCartney was always the nice one.

From CultureMap Houston:

- McCartney gave us “Hey Jude”, “Eleanor Rigby”, the bulk of the Abbey Road closing suite, along with innumerable other Beatles' classics. That’s a pretty hefty legacy. I’m not denying John’s fantastic output, both with and without the band, but Paul’s efforts shouldn’t take a backseat to anything.

It’s human nature to dwell on what’s gone. As a result, it’s my perception that, these days, John Lennon and even George Harrison are often held in higher regard, as songwriters, than Paul McCartney. That’s an argument for the ages. But this moment at the White House (which was taped to be broadcast on PBS July 28) is not about looking back.

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