Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today in Beatles history

Via Gibson:
With Beatlemania running rampant in both Britain and America and spreading rapidly to other countries, The Beatles were riding high in early 1964. Having scored a couple of #1 albums and an armload of #1 singles, the Fab Four had properly conquered the music world and were set to make their mark in another medium. On this day in 1964, The Beatles began filming A Hard Day’s Night.

. . .

With the screenplay complete, The Beatles reported to Twickenham Studios and Paddington Station on March 2 to begin the filming process. Although the movie wasn’t shot exactly in order of how the scenes occur, the shooting schedule followed the general events of the film – something than Lennon later noted. “Normally in pictures, you do things back to front, like the end, you make a film of that on one day and then the next day you do the beginning,” John said. “But in this one, we almost did it in sequence.”

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