Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy 70th, Bob Dylan

The hour is late, but May 24th, 2011 isn't in the books yet. This means it's still Robert Zimmerman's 70th birthday, and there's still time to honor him.

Here's Paul toasting Dylan in an interview with The Onion's A.V. Club:
Because I'm in awe of Bob. Y'know, people say, "Who's your hero?" And he's always been… In The Beatles, he was our hero. I think he's great. He hit a period where people went, "Oh, I don't like him now." And I said, "No. It's Bob Dylan." To me, it's like Picasso, where people discuss his various periods, "This was better than this, was better than this." But I go, "No. It's Picasso. It's all good." Whether it's bad or good, it's all Picasso.

Here's John discussing the influence Dylan had on his songwriting, specifically "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away":
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away is my Dylan period. It's one of those that you sing a bit sadly to yourself, 'Here I stand, head in hand...' I'd started thinking about my own emotions. I don't know when exactly it started, like I'm A Loser or Hide Your Love Away, those kind of things. Instead of projecting myself into a situation, I would try to express what I felt about myself, which I'd done in my books. I think it was Dylan who helped me realise that - not by any discussion or anything, but by hearing his work.

And here's my favorite Dylan song - the musically zesty and narratively compelling penultimate track on Desire, "Black Diamond Bay."

(If the video is removed, go here.)

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