Monday, June 27, 2011

The latest on EMI and its future

From the Guardian: "Who wants to buy EMI?"

After the ructions of the Terra Firma era, which saw Radiohead and the Rolling Stones quit the label, the current period could ironically be seen as one of golden calm. The EMI creed, inculcated by Terra Firma, is that the first loyalty of executives is to the company, not the artists they work with. Being great friends with Thom Yorke is no substitute for the bottom line.

The question for some industry figures is can the label still deliver for the "credible" rock acts, which have traditionally provided long-term success. One figure said: "The label is very excited about the new Kooks album. It's a Miles Leonard priority but it should be – it's about the only band [EMI-owned] Virgin has got left."

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