Monday, October 8, 2012

"Love Me Do" turns 50

Last Friday marked the 50th anniversary of the release of The Beatles' debut single, "Love Me Do." Because no Beatles-related anniversary goes by unobserved - especially when a weighty number like 50 is involved - the Internet erupted with commentaries and commemorations. A handful of them are below. Enjoy.
- "The day the 60s began"
- "The Beatles: a trigger for a musical revolution" (Here you'll find an article from June of 1963 that was published in The Guardian. Hip and highbrow London, meet sweaty and seedy Liverpool. The journalist describes Ringo as "a kind of talking Harpo Marx figure." Spot-on.)
- "How the Beatles' Love Me Do began the transformation of British music"
- "The Beatles at 50: From Fab Four to fabulously wealthy"
- "The Beatles: All you need is luck"
- "The Beatles in charts and infographics"

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