Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Born on this day

Two titans of popular music entered the world on this day. Happy Birthday, Elvis (b. 1935), and Happy Birthday, David Bowie (b. 1947)! It's beyond me how January 8th is able to contain the historic greatness of both. Every other day of the year should take notes. Assorted links, etc. below.
Re: Elvis...
- Read about the day that Elvis and The Beatles met.
- Watch The Beatles reflect on the encounter.
- Here's Elvis covering "Yesterday" and "Hey Jude."
- John on the King: "Before Elvis there was nothing."
Re: Bowie...
- Here's a past birthday post I wrote that features some song links, including Beatles covers.
- Concerning the Beatles reference in "Young Americans."
- Concerning the (possible) Beatles reference in "Life on Mars?."
- Finally, here's one from the obscure file: Bowie performing a live cover of "This Boy." Though the sound is muffled, you can tell he's right at home, especially when the vocal goes big and expressive.

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