Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Assorted Beatles links

- Paul: "… when she (Yoko) turned up at the studio and sat in the middle of us, doing nothing I still admit now that we were all cheesed off." Cheesed off! The quote comes from an interview Paul did with Q. The British mag's most recent issue celebrates The Beatles' 50th anniversary.
- Which bassist had the largest influence on Macca? Motown's James Jamerson.
- Ray Connolly on Paul and his mother, Mary.
- Paul will be featured on the score for Michel Gondry’s upcoming film, Mood Indigo. He contributed bass parts to several instrumental compositions.
- Paul has a new album of his own in the works, and three of the tracks were produced by Mark Ronson.
- Read about Paul’s original plan for “Yesterday.”
- Peter Brown, friend and assistant to Brian Epstein and a former Apple Corps executive, reflects on life with The Beatles.
- Via Slate, "photos from the early days of Beatlemania."
- Rolling Stone’s Jody Rosen on Please Please Me: “It captures the group at its scruffiest and most 'bar band' – it is a document, as Lennon once said, of the Beatles before they were "the 'clever' Beatles."
- And here are 10 facts about PPM.
- Lastly, a copy of Sgt. Pepper’s that was autographed by all four Beatles just sold for nearly $300,000. Madness!

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