Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Beatles going digital

Here's an article from Oct. 31's Financial Times about the Beatles' belated entrance into the digital era.

Now I don't know enough about the ins and outs of the situation to get all scathing on Apple Corps for its past inaction on this front. But is it not perfectly reasonable to feel that, say, the marriage of iTunes and the Beatles is long overdue?

Though, in moving forward, I hope that Apple Corps heeds the advice of Michael McGuire, a technology analyst whom the article quotes. He suggests (in the FT's paraphrasing) that "Apple Corps will need to provide new material along with the new offerings, while exploring more creative packaging for new products." The rabid music consumer interprets this as, in part, saying "Reissues need to justify themselves." The rabid music consumer agrees.

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John said...

I'm pretty sure that Led Zeppelin is still suffering under a similar digital void. I don't want to have to be resigned to musical piracy in order to properly rock out.