Friday, November 14, 2008

Beatles potpourri

"Yesterday" came to Paul in a dream.

Top album closers.

Of course Kanye would invoke the Beatles' gold-standard status when discussing himself.

Did ELO's greatness rival that of the Beatles?

Early copy of The White Album for sale on Ebay.


Samuel said...

ELO as the successor and equal to the Beatles has to be one of the most imaginative musicological stretches that I can remember. An under-rated band? Possibly. But the Beatles' heir?

Samuel said...

Pink Floyd's 23-minute epic "Echoes," the final track on "Meddle," deserves at least an honorary mention on the top album closers list. Doesn't it seem a little early to be putting the conclusion to TV on the Radio's latest album on this list? They are undoubtedly good, but this might be a bit premature.