Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Beatles Anthology, disc 2

Random thoughts and bits of commentary:

- How many bands do we encounter today who, like The Beatles did, smile so effusively throughout much of their act?

- A thrill shoots through me whenever I hear Paul let out the kind of scream that he does on "I Saw Her Standing There."

- The live performances of their early hits positively crackle.

- "If I Fell" is a song of such pristine beauty.

- It's weird and even mildly upsetting to watch Jimmy Nicol parade around as one of The Beatles in Ringo's absence.

- It's remarkable to consider how, on tour, The Beatles played shows which sometimes lasted as little as 30 minutes. Think of the hysterical anticipation on the part of the fans; think of how this defining event for them, this pinnacle of their existence, might only run the length of a sitcom. Though, in light of the iconic images of incapacitated Beatlemaniacs (almost invariably young girls), perhaps longer concerts would've been just dangerously overwhelming.

- Ringo's description of his maiden experience with weed is classic: "...and I laughed and I laughed and I laughed. It was fabulous."

- Finally, from what I can glean on these DVDs, Ringo seems to be the Beatle most openly appreciative of the vast perks and opportunities that attended The Beatles' historic success. The way he fondly talks about first coming to America or vacationing in a warm climate or even avoiding the riotous fans strikes a very likable chord.

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