Friday, January 23, 2009

The Beatles Anthology, disc 3

Random thoughts and bits of commentary:

- I admire how The Beatles were disappointed in Elvis because he had basically stopped making music by the mid '60s. At the time they met him, the King's interests were in film.

- "Taxman" is a rock 'n' roll masterpiece.

- Paul has a great line when discussing the band's experimentation with LSD and how, for a while, he held out: "I mean, talk about peer pressure. The Beatles!"

- Ringo's impression of the Philippines: "I hated the Philippines." As did the others.

- The scenes of mass record burnings that came in the wake of John's "more popular than Jesus" comment are saddening and shameful.

- George Martin's penchant for referring to The Beatles as "the boys" is really quite sweet.

- Finally, the audio of John's first go at "A Day in the Life" captures one of those moments when pop music overcomes its temporal trappings and achieves the transcendent.

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