Friday, July 31, 2009

Paul to retire?

The gossip train has been abuzz with rumors that Paul is planning to retire soon from touring because old age has finally caught up with him (?).

Excerpt from an NME article:
A source claims that Macca doesn't want to carry on touring into his old age - he's 67 at present - though "he might play the odd benefit gig if the likes of President Obama gives him a bell". McCartney himself hasn't commented on the reports (The Sun).

The venerable Beatles Examiner Steve Marinucci counters such chatter here.

From what we've been able to learn ourselves, these summer gigs are not Paul's last in the States.

Not only that, the Washington Post interview he just did didn't sound like an "end of the road" interview to us. He said this short U.S. tour was partly the result of his status as a single dad and wanting to spend time with his daughter. Could this type of gigging continue? It's possible.

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