Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thoughts on Paul's kind act

Like many others, I was charmed by the video of Paul signing that girl's arm in Halifax on Saturday. It was clearly a euphoric moment for the young fan. To have an icon (a Beatle) oblige such a request when you're just one among thousands of people before his eyes is a staggering turn of events. Kudos to the girl for making a sign that caught Paul's eye. But even more kudos to Paul for doing what he did. As an incomparable figure in pop music history, he surely recognizes the power he holds in his ability to make dreams come true with even the smallest of gestures. All he did was set aside a couple minutes of his time to invite a fan onstage and autograph her arm; no major effort on his part. But think about what this simple display of warmth and generosity meant to the individual on the receiving end; I know it meant the world. And the man of the hour knew this as well. To state the obvious, Paul McCartney is a superstar, a legend, a treasure, and so forth. He's also a stellar human being with an uncommonly kind heart. I hope nothing ever persuades me otherwise.

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