Friday, November 6, 2009

BlueBeat in trouble

"Judge Halts Online Sale of Beatles Songs"

A federal judge on Thursday ordered a Santa Cruz company to immediately quit selling Beatles and other music on its online site, setting aside a preposterous argument that it had copyrights on songs via a process called “psycho-acoustic simulation.”

A Los Angeles federal judge set aside arguments from Hank Risan, owner of BlueBeat and other companies named as defendants in the lawsuit EMI filed on Tuesday. His novel defense to allegations he was unlawfully selling the entire stereo Beatles catalog without permission was that he — and not EMI or the Beatles’ Apple Corp — owns these sound recordings, because he re-recorded new versions of the songs using what he termed “psycho-acoustic simulation.”

Me: The question remains - what was this Hank Risan guy thinking? Did he not realize that his ploy carried a much bigger downside than upside? It's like, of course legal ramifications were in the offing. “Psycho-acoustic simulation?" Could Risan's defense have been any more comically spurious?

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