Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ringo on "Late Night"

As you'd expect, Ringo was his affable, laid-back self on Late Night Tuesday evening. Armed with a ready smile, he seemed game for all that Jimmy Fallon had in store. Most of the talk revolved around the Beatles - their music, clothes, popularity, etc. - but the two also discussed Y Not, the challenges of The Beatles: Rock Band, and Ringo's upcoming tour. Throughout all of this, Ringo emanated a warmth and charm that were hard to resist.

Fallon certainly couldn't: the dude was giddy. Part of his appeal as a host is that he doesn't suppress his own fanboy enthusiasm during interviews, and last night he very excitedly welcomed, chatted with, and extolled his legendary guest. He even got the honor of singing backup to Ringo on "With a Little Help from My Friends" to conclude the show.

That performance, along with earlier ones of "I Wanna Be Your Man" (rollicking), "Walk With You" (its target: your heartstrings), and "The Other Side of Liverpool" (darker than most of Ringo's material,) and the actual interview, can be watched here (you can until 2/05/10, that is; the show is broken up into various video segments here). Overall, it was a fine time, and the sight alone of a healthy 70 year-old man actively and creatively living out his life made it for me.

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