Wednesday, September 22, 2010

These didn't make the grade

At the end of this post re Rolling Stone's Beatles list, I noted a few songs that I felt should have been included: "There's a Place," "Blue Jay Way," "Glass Onion," and "Rocky Raccoon." Two of them, I was pleased to see, were part of journalist Ed Masley's own shafted list. Like me, he thinks that both "Glass Onion" (#1 entry) and "Blue Jay Way" (honorable mention) possess the goods. Seriously: "Glass Onion" is a classic. It's inspired non sequitur, not on par with "I Am the Walrus" in terms of occult wordplay, but probably more substantive because of how self-referential it is. It's also musically crisp and buoyant, and John adds a very direct, unlabored vocal. I don't see how it loses out to the likes of "Any Time at All" or "Yes It Is." I also entirely agree that "Love You To" would've been a better call than "Within You Without You" and that both "Magical Mystery Tour" and "Cry Baby Cry" (a song I initially put on my list but then removed) are worthy of the top 100. If I had to revise my choices, I'd add those along with "Lovely Rita," "Martha My Dear," and maybe "Your Mother Should Know."

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