Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fans celebrate John in NYC

From the UK's Guardian:

One such fan is Daniel Garza, 24. The chef had travelled from San Antonio, Texas, just to pay tribute to Lennon.

He said he felt both sad and happy and that Lennon's legacy of music and striving for peace lived on.

"The mourning period is over. Thirty years is plenty of time. Now it is just remembrance. The music will live forever and so will his ideas," said Garza, wearing a Lennon T-shirt.

The mood at Strawberry Fields was a mix of sombreness and happiness.

Many tourists, mingling with mourners and journalists, took photographs. Others stood silently, clasping their hands together or laying flowers and saying brief prayers. One woman knelt on the ground and sang along to Wilson's music. Another man stood quietly holding a sign stating: CIA killed Lennon.

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