Friday, January 21, 2011

Letters and drawings of John's to be published

Yoko sold the rights to Orion Books, which will publish the collection in October of 2012.

The book will be comprised of over 150 letters written over the course of Lennon's life, including notes to record companies and newspapers, several drawings and a letter to an eight-year-old boy. According to Alan Samson of Orion, a majority of the letters and drawings in the book have not been seen by the public.

Some are lauding Yoko for her decision.

It always makes us uncomfortable to see someone like Courtney Love steering herself off the rails with the proceeds from her late husband’s career. But, for one, Yoko Ono is not a drug-addled public embarrassment. And two, whenever there is demand (as there is to learn about John Lennon’s life) and limited supply, someone is going to get paid. It’s time we come to accept a few truths: Paul McCartney was the most Advanced Beatle; Yoko Ono didn’t break up the Beatles, and John Lennon ended his life as most middle-aged people aspire to: a happily married father and family man. If someone’s going to get paid from the immense interest he still generates all these years later, it might as well be his wife.

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