Monday, April 23, 2012

A portrait of George as a young solo artist

From Ultimate Classic Rock:

‘Early Takes: Volume 1,’ a collection of raw, mostly acoustic demos from the start of George Harrison‘s solo career, will be released next month, with fans treated to early takes of some of Harrison’s most celebrated songs and many others.

The disc focuses on the time period in 1970 before the youngest Beatle dropped his first solo album, the smash ‘All Things Must Pass,’ with demos of ‘My Sweet Lord,’ ‘Awaiting On You All,’ ‘Behind That Locked Door,’ ‘Run Of The Mill’ and Harrison’s collaboration with Bob Dylan, ‘I’d Have You Anytime,’ included.

The article features a video for the acoustic demo of "My Sweet Lord," which you can find below. Give it a listen. With no slide guitar, backup vocals, or overall Spector-ian lushness, the beaming pop hymn that we're used to plays instead like folksy blues; warm reverence is replaced by shaggy soulfulness. Adding to the beauty, George's voice sounds as expressive as ever. All told, it's a more-than-worthy companion to the finished product.


(If the video is removed, go here.)

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