Friday, April 6, 2012

Quote of the day

From Ray Connolly's recent piece in The Telegraph, "Help! It’s the Beatles’ boys," which casts a critical eye at James McCartney's idea of forming a band with other Beatles sons:

The Beatles weren’t just common or garden rock stars. Forged by the accidental cross-seeding of extraordinary talents in a post-war environment of social change, their grip on the world’s imagination cannot be replicated. All the elements that came together then and helped create them and their myth cannot recur.

Wisely, having been broken up by their founder, John Lennon, in 1969 at the very height of their fame, the Beatles were never tempted to reunite, despite tens of millions of dollars being offered. They knew it wouldn’t, couldn’t, be the same – that only disappointment for the fans lay down that particular road.

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