Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Beatles Anthology, disc 1

Random thoughts and bits of commentary:

- Its use of "In My Life" at the outset is disarming.

- It's important that Paul notes how he admired Buddy Holly for writing his own music.

- At one point in their early years of touring, The Beatles went by the name of "Long John and the Silver Beetles." And Paul was "Paul Ramone." Less hip was George's stage name: "Carl Harrison" (in part a tribute to Carl Perkins).

- It's quite something to watch footage of their performances at the Cavern Club.

- I know I've mentioned this elsewhere on the blog, but it bears repeating: George Martin always comes off as a most refined, clear-headed, and agreeable individual.

- "Twist and Shout" (or The Beatles' rendition of it, anyway) is nothing short of a sublime creation.

- Lastly, it can't be overstated how funny and charismatic The Beatles were.

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