Monday, December 8, 2008

Under-the-radar classics

For the next several weeks, Paste's Steve LaBate will be running blog posts on killer Beatles songs that "you might have missed." I'll bite. Lists have a strangely reliable appeal. And one pertaining to the Beatles is almost too easy.

Included in LaBate's first installment were "Cry For a Shadow" (I can't agree with his unbridled enthusiasm: "one of the catchiest songs I've ever heard"), "Act Naturally" (endearing, perfect for Ringo), "I've Just Seen a Face" (it precedes "Yesterday" on Help, making for quite the emotive combo from Paul), "I'm Only Sleeping" (one of The Beatles' most conceptually unique and fully realized songs), and "Rain" (I enjoy seeing Paul's chipped front tooth in the video. It must somehow mean that he died around that time; evidence of an impostor?).

My own list would feature the likes of "It Won't Be Long," "No Reply," "Girl," and "Two of Us." And many more, I'm sure.

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Samuel said...

I'm not especially knowledgeable on Beatles' history, and these songs may have well been classics, so correct me if I'm wrong. "She Said, She Said" off of Revolver would be on my list, as would the medley on second half of Abbey Road ("Sun King" through "Her Majesty"). That cluster of about six songs is almost unmatched in rock and roll history.