Sunday, December 14, 2008

Paul: the political Beatle?

Here's an interesting, even if slightly irritating, article which discusses how Paul recently claimed that he, not John, was responsible for spearheading The Beatles' interest in politics (described curiously as the band's "musical foray for pacifism").

Stepping back from the specifics of this issue, I would only say that it's these kinds of remarks, these petty detours into retroactive oneupsmanship and self-justification, that continue to fuel the overcooked schism between Paul-fans and John-fans. I just don't understand why Paul feels the need to prove himself on matters from the 1960s. Because what he's trying to do, it seems, goes beyond simply setting the record straight.

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Samuel said...

I read the same article on msnbc, and got exactly the same vibe. What on earth, after forty years, is Paul trying to prove? First of all, his assertion is ridiculous. I can't think of one of his songs that had an overtly political message. His "me-too" statement betrays an inferiority complex maybe?