Tuesday, May 26, 2009

North of the border

I took a road trip to sunny Canada over the weekend and didn't have the chance to post anything. But in honor of our welcoming neighbors to the north, here are a couple of Canada-related bits from Beatles history:

- Footage of an amusing interview the boys did in Vancouver as part of their 1964 North American tour followed by clips of the pandemonium that they always incited.

- A list of their releases through Canada's branch of Capitol Records, which, it's interesting to learn, was marketing their music already in 1963.

- More on Capitol in Canada: Capitol Records in Los Angeles continuously turned down the opportunity to distribute Beatles' records in the U.S. But in Canada Paul White, an executive at Capitol in Canada said, "I used to listen to about fifty new records a week. Then one day I put on 'Love Me Do' by a group called the Beatles...I decided to release the Beatles' records in Canada. (Courtesy of beatlemoney.com)

- A youtube of John performing with others as the Plastic Ono Band at the "Sweet Toronto Peace Festival" in 1969. It features the rollicking one-two punch of "Money" and "Dizzy Miss Lizzy." A DVD of this concert is actually coming out in June.

-And finally, a minor artifact from 1964.

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