Friday, May 15, 2009

The Onion on The Beatles

Over the years, the indispensable satirical newspaper has had a fair amount of fun at The Beatles' expense:

"Beatles Edition Of Rock Band Coming Out."

An infographic on the Beatles Anthology .

"Bands Don't Ever All Get The Same Haircut Anymore."

"Lennon, 25 Years Gone."

"Area Man Plays 'Imagine' Every Time He Sees A Piano."

"Paul McCartney's Mix-CD For New Girlfriend A Little Self-Indulgent."

"Mills: McCartney Abusive."

A horoscope involving Ringo fantasies.

"Starr Asks Fans Not To Write."

Scroll down a ways on this one. Money quote: "How could I have forgotten about the death of George Harrison, the Quiet Wilbury?"

"70 Percent Of World's Population Could Use All-Star Benefit Concert."

Lastly, George is only briefly mentioned in this news short, but it's pretty rich.

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