Monday, February 1, 2010

Ringo and The Electric Fetus

From my perspective, the most notable news to come out of the 2010 Grammys was that Ringo chose to sport an Electric Fetus t-shirt at the awards ceremony. This might be meaningless to some, but for residents of Minnesota who are in-the-know, it's kind of a treat. The Electric Fetus is a well-respected, much-patronized, and awesomely-named record store that has a number of locations throughout Minnesota. It's basically the only place I buy albums at here in Minneapolis. According to the Star Tribune, Ringo acquired the t-shirt from his nephew, Christian-Philippe Quilici, who lives in the Cities. And then he wore it to the Grammys - outstanding! Ringo Starr: a man of the people.

On the front page of the Electric Fetus website, this message was posted:

As many of you have heard by now, Ringo Starr presented the Album of the Year award at the Grammys Sunday night wearing an Electric Fetus t-shirt. A Beatle wearing a t-shirt makes it cool, so not surprisingly our website and Minneapolis store have temporarily run out of the black style worn by Mr. Starkey. We'll have more back in stock in Wednesday afternoon. Incidentally, they're part of our Minneapolis store's pick for February's featured local artist. Thanks Ringo!

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