Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday potpourri: uber-trivial edition

- Read about the "Yellow Submarine tea infuser."

- John, Paul, George, and Ringo as the "Four Basic Elements of Dining." Here's the sole relevant passage: The four elements are the Beatles: John was the food, the steak and potatoes. Paul was the ambience, the sound. George was the service, the soul of the place. And Ringo, the price point. Would the Beatles have been the Beatles without all four?

- Susan Boyle's brother fears that his wildly famous sister will suffer a fate similar to John Lennon's.

- Paul Shirley, the sometime writer and professional basketball player who penned this asinine evaluation of the Beatles (which I responded to here), recently got canned by ESPN for some, let's say, ill-considered remarks about Haiti.

- Lastly, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, director of the Let It Be documentary and other Beatle videos, is going to take a DNA test to answer the persistent suspicions about Orson Welles being his father

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