Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More on The Beatles and iTunes

Analysis and reaction:

- The New York Times: "Persistence pays. Apple was repeatedly sued by the Beatles and paid millions of dollars to settle those suits. The computer company never let that discourage it from pursuing its goal of rounding out the iTunes catalog with Beatles songs, however."

- The Guardian: "Couldn't the biggest band in the history of pop have found a way of placing their music online without it becoming just another commodity in Apple's gadget-flogging industrial complex?"

- NPR: "But let's be clear: This is a business story. It isn't a music story."

- The Los Angeles Times: "If the Beatles keep finding ways to repackage the same content, then the extras need to start being content that's never before been widely available."

- Beatweek Magazine: "The arrival of The Beatles in 2010 won’t have nearly the kind of impact on iTunes that it would have had several years ago, so the remaining question is just what kind of impact it will have."

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