Wednesday, February 9, 2011

50 years ago today ...

... The Beatles (sans Ringo) played their maiden gig at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. It was at this venue that they first gained an ardent following. The Beatles would perform there a total of 292 times.

- Experience that first show through the memories of Alex McKechnie.

"It wasn't just the music and the singing, it was their lack of respect for the audience. At the Cavern for those first few gigs, they were quite irreverent to the audience and other people. They were sort of the first punk band. The Beatles were a law unto themselves on the stage.

"They were still doing that when they went to America - if someone asked them a question they didn't give a serious answer, and that's how they behaved on stage in the Cavern, and that's why I think they liked it in the Cavern."

- Also, read about how some fans plan to mark the occasion.

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