Saturday, February 26, 2011

Because it's getting so much attention...

... I feel compelled to make note of it as well: Paul has written a ballet. It's called "Ocean's Kingdom" and will premiere in New York this September. Read more here.

Excerpt from the first article:
Ocean's Kingdom is a phantasmagoric musical saga, two years in the making, which includes original compositions and a libretto by Sir Paul. It's essentially a romance, said McCartney, following a star-crossed love affair between the "daughter of the ocean" and the brother of the Earth King.

. . .

But while Ocean's Kingdom is not McCartney's first experiment with oboe and violin, this is his first time working so intensively with a ballet company. "The sheer athleticism is the most astounding thing," he said. "It's like a meeting of the Olympic games and art, and I find that fascinating and challenging for me, to see what can be done."

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