Thursday, April 21, 2011

"...and no religion too"

Preface: I'm trying to clear out a Google Doc overrun by Beatles links. So expect to see a fair amount of posts in the near future with older material.

Below is an article from last fall that explores a fascinating theme: John Lennon and his amorphous spirituality.

"John Lennon's spirituality"

Despite the images in "Imagine," Lennon "certainly wasn't an atheist, he was clear about that," noted Father Robert Hart, an Anglican traditionalist from Chapel Hill, N.C., whose "Hard to Imagine" essay was recently published in the journal Touchstone.

"What he was missing in his life was the certainty of a specific, definitive revelation of a particular religious truth. It's not that he denied that this kind of truth existed, but he was never able to find it. That's what he lacked and he knew it."

In other words, he was a vivid example of an attitude toward faith that has gained power in the decades since his death. Lennon was "spiritual," but not "religious" before that stance became all too common.

Here's a link to the essay by Father Robert Hart.

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