Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend reading

"You Are Here: The 10 Best John Lennon Solo Songs"

#6 “Jealous Guy”

Though the melody dated back to his days as a Beatle (composed during the infamous trip to India, specifically), the lyrics came together during the Imagine sessions, resulting in the greatest non-singles in Lennon’s catalog. One of the most unique love songs ever written, the unusually paranoid perspective (he sings of “shivering inside” and losing “control” throughout) offers an emotional core far more striking than the standard “Moon/June/Spoon” conceits. While it’s hard to imagine anyone being this concerned over their proposed soulmate, Lennon was clearly uneasy. Given his history—and what was to come—he had a right to be.

"Jealous Guy" would be my choice for Lennon's best solo outing.

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