Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ringo's birth-home may be saved...

... if only temporarily.

Councillors on Liverpool's planning committee dismissed impassioned pleas and voted in favour of demolition.

But they were thwarted by Housing Minister Grant Shapps who imposed legal block on their move.

He said there must be consideration to whether an Environmental Impact Assessment is required - a move that could mean a delay of 12 months or more.

The move came in an email and letter received less than 24 hours before the planning committee was due to consider the scheme.

. . .

One Welsh Street resident told of her frustration at the block on demolition.

Mary Mantle, of Treborth Street said: ‘I'm angry there is going to be more delay.

‘This move by the Government means more suffering for people like me who are left to live in these sub-standard houses.

‘I don't believe they can be renovated at an economic price. They're riddled with damp and have got no foundations.

‘The area is blighted and the only way out for us is demolition and building the new homes that we were promised.’

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