Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Paul's "Valentine"

"And I will never let a day go by / Without remembering the reasons why/ She makes me certain that I can fly."

The line is unadulterated schmaltz. It's also very Paul. Before he became a rock 'n' roller, young Macca was steeped in the melodrama of big band and Tin Pan Alley. His fondness for this style never wavered, manifesting itself throughout the Beatle years and beyond. Paul's next album, which will be released in February, is a love-note to the music of his youth. It will feature a variety of covers and two new songs, one of which - "My Valentine" - is the source of the lyrics above. You can listen to it here. On a certain level, this is who Paul is: a sappy balladeer who delights in even the most corny of sentiments.

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