Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Assorted Paul news

- In the upcoming season of Glee, one episode will showcase the music of Macca.

- Prior to Paul's pair of shows in the Steel City, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published a knowledgeable piece about the ex-Beatle's "10 pivotal experiences."

- Paul will be part of a tribute to Les Paul, the late guitarist, studio innovator, and inventor.

- Whom did Paul recently serenade with "When I'm Sixty-Four?" Bubba.

- Paul: 1, McDonald's: 0

- Will Macca and MGMT collaborate?

- Several weeks ago, Paul participated in the graduation ceremony at LIPA, the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.

- Finally, after Paul agreed to work with Fran Healy on Wreckorder, the latter's yet-to-be-released solo debut, Healy demonstrated his immense appreciation by going vegetarian. (That's next-level gratitude.)

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