Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday Beatles potpourri

- Paul wants The Beatles' music to be featured on Glee.

- Paramount/Dreamworks reportedly shelled out $1.5 million to use "The Fool on the Hill" in the movie Dinner for Schmucks.

- "5 Easy Beatles Songs to Play on Guitar."

- "My bizarre life with the Beatles, by sculptor who immortalised good, great and even gorillas."

- Some Beatles memorabilia that will soon be hitting the auction block: a piano used by The Beatles in Studio III at Abbey Road; a chunk of the Cavern Club's stage from the time The Beatles played there; and photos from a 1963 gig in the Welsh town of Abergavenny.

- David Fricke of Rolling Stone lists "Apple Records' Top Five Albums."

- A documentary about Harry Nilsson will be released early this fall. The eccentric Nilsson was loved by The Beatles; he even collaborated with John in the '70s.

- Finally, read about Abbey Road on the River, a Beatles tribute festival that will take place over Labor Day weekend near D.C.

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