Saturday, August 28, 2010

The other side speaks out ...

... in the debate over Ringo's childhood home. In this piece, the BBC quotes a number of current or former residents of the Welsh Streets area who feel that more practical issues are being drowned out amid the sentimental pleas to spare Ringo's erstwhile domicile.

However, those who live or have lived in the 16 Welsh Streets have no such empathy for Ringo's birthplace.

They say it is outsiders using the term "historical significance" to prevent much-needed regeneration in the area.

Mary Huxham, 72, lived in Powys Street for 68 years. She was not sorry to see the back of it.

"We lived with rising damp, fungus, ice on the inside of the windows and outside toilets.

"I brought up four children in these horrible damp conditions. We want the streets to be demolished and modernised."

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