Thursday, April 1, 2010

Assorted George/Ringo news

- I haven't encountered much news of late concerning Martin Scorsese's documentary about George, but this blog post from The Playlist claims that it's due to be finished in May.

- Image Entertainment now owns the rights to 30-plus movies from the library of HandMade Films, a "British film production and distribution company" started by Denis O'Brien and George in 1978 to finance Monty Python's Life of Brian.

- Jeff Lynne reminisces about The Traveling Wilburys. Money quote: "What didn't come across in the music was a sense of awe. I see Roy Oribson (sic) across the mic, and I go, 'This is really happening....'"

- Here are the full details of Ringo's summer tour.

- Ringo provided his services to Ben Harper on one song from Relentless7's forthcoming album, Give Till It's Gone.

- Finally, AOL Radio Blog's "10 Best Ringo Starr Songs."

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