Monday, April 19, 2010

"Lennon acid discovery"

Several empty bottles were recently unearthed from the grounds of John's old house Kenwood, prompting the important question: Were these the same bottles that John once allegedly filled with acid and then buried in the hopes of kicking his drug habit? What vacuous but amusing speculation.

Editorial comment: Couldn't John have taken somewhat more aggressive steps to part ways with his LSD stash? Just burying it in his own yard seems halfhearted, no?

Builders digging up the lawn of his old house, Kenwood, came across the remains of a leather holdall containing several large broken glass bottles. Legend has it that John buried a large quantity of the drug in his garden in 1967 when The Beatles declared they had given up drugs in favour of transcendental meditation.

But when the band returned from India, John decided he'd been a bit hasty and tried to dig it up - but never found it.

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