Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paul in "Q"

The feature piece in this month's issue of Q is a 26-page special on Paul. That amount of coverage might actually justify doing what is a rare act in my life these days: purchasing a hard copy of a magazine.

Here's a description of the piece:
Q gets close and personal with Sir Paul, talking past albums, his new stadium tour, and everything else in between in this 26 page special. Including an insight into what it was like to work with John Lennon, an eye witness account into the Avant-Garde years of Sir Paul through the eyes of stars such as George’s Martin and Harrison.

Over the last couple days, I came across several articles ("Macca wants to write protest songs" and "Sir Paul McCartney: It's Best Beatles Didn't Get Back") that highlighted a few of Paul's remarks from the Q interview. Have a look at them, or just buy the magazine.

Excerpt (from the first article I linked to):
He told Q: "You can't have it all, I've written songs more about emotions. Like Eleanor Rigby is about loneliness. Love songs like Maybe I'm Amazed. That's my forte.

"I'd love to write more protest songs, but I don't think I have the knack for it that other people do. I've complained about situations - Give Ireland Back To The Irish, Big Boys Bickering - but they're not necessarily my better songs."

His ability to write music is still a source of amazement, he revealed in the interview for the June edition of Q, to be pubished on Thursday.

"I'm still intoxicated by the fact I can do it," (Bold mine - Barry) he said.

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