Monday, April 12, 2010

The Catholic Church hearts The Beatles

It's been evidenced several times in recent years that Catholic dogma no longer precludes the Vatican from playing nice with and even praising The Beatles. Who really cares? The latest example of this about-face was issued over the weekend in an article on the front-page of the Vatican's official newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano. Showing that the Catholic Church's opinion of one slice of pop culture isn't as reactionary as its stance on contraception, the article says, "They (The Beatles) may not have been the best example for the youth of the day but they were by no means the worst. Their beautiful melodies changed music and continue to give pleasure.” Thanks for stating the obvious. I believe Ringo had the right response: "I think the Vatican, they've got more to talk about than the Beatles." Indeed; how could one suggest otherwise in light of the repulsive and infuriating sex abuse scandal - only the most recent - that has ensnared the Church? Indulgent though they were in many ways, The Beatles appear saintly compared to these monsters who masquerade as men of God and then use their position of authority to bring unthinkable harm to the innocent and helpless. It's obvioulsy a moral outrage. Off my soapbox.

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