Friday, July 16, 2010

Griping over GaGa

A lot of Fab fanatics are far too sensitive when it comes to matters like the use of The Beatles' music in advertising, or bands doing Beatles covers, or ... Lady Gaga playing John's iconic white piano. My reaction: Who cares!?! Move on; live your life; don't turn every annoyance into a grievance; reserve your anger for issues of real-world consequence. In short, take to heart Sean Lennon's remarks:

"Pianos meant (sic) are to be played," he tweeted in response. "What should we do, lock it away in a dusty room? So judgmental...Come on, lighten up... life's too short, there're (sic) enough real problems in the world. "

If Sean and Yoko don't object, that should settle the controversy.

. . .

An opening at last! Let me take this moment to confess that I'm a casual, though in no way reluctant, fan of Lady Gaga. That said, there's absolutely nothing casual or withholding or sane about my enthusiasm for her scandalously addictive smash single from 2009, "Bad Romance." All I will say is this: Pop is pop. If it feels right, it feels right.

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