Friday, July 9, 2010

Inspired by The Beatles

Standard disclaimer: I'm not suggesting that the song below was explicitly inspired by The Beatles. Rather, in one way or another, it simply has a Beatles feel to it. End of disclaimer.

The reach of The Beatles' influence is obviously extensive, and in this case it seems to have worked its way into the output of a grunge-rock act. Pearl Jam, the band in question, released "All Those Yesterdays," the song in question, as the concluding track on their 1998 album, Yield. Sonically retro and structurally meandering, "Yesterdays" is a peculiar song. More to the point, there's something about the combination of its mood and pace and Eddie Vedder's tempered vocal and the unexpected brass section that calls to mind the weirdness of The White Album. If you threw together various elements of, say, "Dear Prudence," "Happiness Is a Warm Gun," and "I'm So Tired," you might get a song in the neighborhood of this one. Finally, how about the name itself? "All Those Yesterdays." Doesn't it sound like a song that John or George might have written? George in fact came close with "All Those Years Ago" (a tribute to the fallen Lennon), and John captured a somewhat similar sentiment with "In My Life." Regardless, it's a poignant combination of words and a meaty title for a memorable (and underrated) song.


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