Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spector on Macca

In this post from earlier today, I wrote of Let It Be: "It was supposed to mark a return to the group's non-studio-focused, rock 'n' roll roots, but that was only partially realized (Phil Spector had a hand in this, much to Paul's chagrin)."

Responding to Paul's avowed dissatisfaction, Spector didn't mince words (via The Beatles Bible):

Paul had no problem picking up the Academy Award for the Let It Be movie soundtrack, nor did he have any problem in using my arrangement of the string and horn and choir parts when he performed it during 25 years of touring on his own. If Paul wants to get into a pissing contest about it, he's got me mixed up with someone who gives a shit.

Touché, Mr. Spector. You're still crackers, though.

Update: Read about The Agony and the Ecstasy of Phil Spector, "a documentary portrait of the killer music producer."

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Anonymous said...

Paul McCartney: "At least I don't kill people, Phil!" :)