Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Paul interview

This one comes from the Boston Herald.

Q: The Web has been buzzing, thanks mostly to info from unreliable sources, that you’re retiring. Any truth at all to those rumors?

A: I was thinking this morning that it was five years ago that this same rumor went around. All I can say is that I’m not retiring. It’s like, “Paul is dead.” “No, I’m not,” is all I could say. I did talk about retirement in one sentence in one story and only to say, “No way Jose.” But someone must have only read part of that one sentence. As long as people want to come and hear me, I’ll probably be doing this. It’s just so easy to star rumors. Wanna start one now?

Q: Um, sure, let me think for a minute.

A: How about Stevie Wonder is moving to Alaska?


Jill said...

Paul always makes me chuckle with his little quips. Thanks for posting this!

Barry Lenser said...

Paul is a treat. No doubt about it. Also, I see you're going to one of his Fenway shows this week. Epic. Enjoy.