Friday, August 28, 2009

Yesterday in Beatles history

August 27, 1967- the death of Brian Epstein, an event that had mammoth ramifications for The Beatles as a functioning band. Here's a link to an article from The Guardian that reported on the untimely passing of The Beatles' manager.

Brian Epstein was always considered as the Svengali who, by magic, created the Beatles and the resulting beat music boom. But he denied that he had "created" the Beatles, and their long-running success has proved him right in this, while reinforcing his own capacity to pick talent.

He was far more the Diaghilev of Pop music than a Svengali. Indeed, his personal tastes were for the exotic, artistic, and classical. He loved classical music and enjoyed talking about it, which he could do in some depth. He was far removed from the caricature of the stage manager and, although his success gave him a life that must have been the ideal and envy of many, he was always shy and sensitive.


A tribute:

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