Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Please Please Me" profile

Album: Please Please Me
Release date: March 22, 1963
Producer: George Martin
Label: Parlophone
Sales/chart position: 30 weeks at #1
Singles: -1)"Love Me Do"/"P.S. I Love You" 2)"Please Please Me"/"Ask Me Why" 3)"Twist and Shout"/"There's a Place" 4)"Do You Want to Know a Secret"/"Thank You Girl"
Best track: "Twist and Shout"
Least best track: "A Taste of Honey"
Best original: "There's a Place"
Best cover: "Twist and Shout"
Most underrated track: "Baby It's You"
Most overrated track: "Love Me Do"
Best track that references a girl not yet 18 years old: "I Saw Her Standing There"
Best lyric (original): "Please please me oh yeah/Like I please you."
Sample review: "For productivity alone, it is one of the greatest first albums in rock. But even at this early stage, the Beatles had invented a bracing new sound for a rock band -- an assault of thrumming energy and impeccable vocal harmonies -- and they nailed it here...."
(from Rolling Stone)

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