Monday, August 3, 2009

"Problems Plague Paul McCartney Concert"

From the WaPo:

It was a hard day's night for many Paul McCartney fans who saw the Beatles legend perform at FedEx Field on Saturday night.

Traffic delays of more than two hours forced the concert to start more than an hour late so people could get to their seats.

Cars backed up in parking lots for several hours after the show, too.

Washington Redskins spokesman Zack Bolno says the team apologizes to fans for the inconvenience.

There were also problems inside FedEx. Water had been turned off to parts of the stadium, leaving no working toilets or sinks and causing sewage backups. Bolno says a blocked pipe caused the problems and was fixed within 25 minutes.

Bolno says much of the crowd of 50,000-plus was unfamiliar with the stadium, and most used only one of its five entrances.

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